VThe Voyage

As you scale up the ladder of success, luxury becomes an indispensable part of living. The question is, does your home live up to your status? Does it give you the high of success? Is it worthy of you? What your address should be like? Your address should make a statement without uttering a single word. Voyage to the Stars by Cloud 9 is the marvel you’ve been waiting for. More than 200 feet high in the sky, this residential lifestyle project will take you where you truly deserve to be, among the stars. Designed by reputed architects, the distinctive feature that sets it apart from ordinary homes is that it is built with the latest & globally accepted engineering techniques, taking a quantum leap in India’s home building industry

Voyage to The Stars TEAM

The Voyage To the Stars by Cloud 9 team members realized that Voyage to The Stars was the perfect opportunity to leave a unique signature on the horizon of Pune. They would design something Pune had never experienced till now. They would offer the most exhilarating experience of the world of stars. But they knew there was something they must do before they could make all this happen. They had to become astronauts.