To avoid the summer heat, air-conditioners and coolers are not the only ways. Try these natural, do-it-yourself tricks instead.

Here are some simple DIY methods to cool your home:

1) First simple trick is to use a bucket of water. Dip the bottom of curtains into the bucket and leave the fan on. The water slowly percolates upwards through the fabric and the breeze will carry the coolness into the room. 2) Keep things dark. We all know how relaxing it feels to get away from the glare of this hot sun into a cool space, with ample shade. To achieve this, buy cotton curtains in the darkest color possible. Ensure that the curtains have a thick lining, so that the sunlight cause them to fade. Dark green or brown are easy choices. Keep the curtains drawn shut, right from morning. If your room stays shielded from sunlight all day, it is bound to remain relatively cooler. 3) Leafy plants, too, can work wonders. If you have some large decorative or potted plants around, move them closer to your windows. They will absorb most of the heat and create a cooling effect around them. 4) Leave the fridge alone. You may be tempted to reach for cold water and icecubes frequently, but opening and shutting the refrigerator multiple times increases the load and temperature on its motor. This, in turn, increases the indoor temperature in your house. 5) Take a look at lighting. From LEDs to fluorescent lights, there are many cool lighting options available, so there’s no reason to continue using hot incandescent bulbs. Similarly, switch off all electrical appliances, especially the TV, when not in use. Even a mobile charger emits heat waves. 6) Buy a dehumidifier. You will breathe much easier once the intense humidity is reduced. You can check online sites for the best deals. 7) Cotton is king. Summer is no time for fancy satin or silk bed sheets, or for faux leather upholstery. Buy at least one set of crisp cotton bed sheets, in white or pastel shades. If your couch is upholstered in any fabric that’s not cotton or linen, buy some sofa covers or throws that are made of cotton. Source: diy-tips-to- cool-your- home-this- summer